Freundeskreis Europäischer Modellbahner eV.


FREMO-Italia N Modules Project


The work group FREMO-Italia chose the N scale as first test bench for the modular system. Thanks to the dynamism and the fast reaction which are typical of N-scalers, it has been a simpler task to start the project among the members of FREMO-Italy.
Somehow offbeating the concept of freedom in modules design, we chose to plan in advance the outline of the future first FREMO-Italia layout.
Indeed we wanted to avoid to have everyone building the same kind of module: we feared ending up with a countless alignment of linear modules, or even an endless sequence of stations, set tail to nose each other.
Therefore we decided to share the tasks amongst us, in order to assemble the first layout with at least two stations (one head-end station and one through station), a couple of on-line industries, some lenghts of main line and one traverser.

The Modules

Here's the modules list updated to April 2006. Click on the links to get full quality pictures.
  • Farnese[trackplan]: Traverser (Andrea Barella)
  • Valle [trackplan] [photo 1] [photo 2]: train Stop and sidings to freighthouse and grain silos facility (Alex Corsico)
  • Gualtieri [trackplan] [photo 1] [photo 2]: through Station with freight depot and loading spur (Andrea Barella with Franco Piccardo)
  • Finale [trackplan] [photo 1]: head-end juction Station with freight depot spurs (Antonio Rosano)
  • Cartiera [trackplan] [photo 1]: Stub-ended spur to paper mill (Antonio Rosano)
  • Darsena Nuova [trackplan] [photo 1]: Mainline junction to dockyard spur and related wharf (Carlo Pacetti)
  • Risaie [trackplan] [photo 1]: main line among rice fields (Silvano Castagneri)
  • Ponte sul Rio Torto [trackplan] [photo 1]: main line with bridge over Rio Torto river (Silvano Castagneri)
  • Piana [trackplan] [photo 1]: main line in open countryside (Silvano Castagneri)
  • Colle pagnotta [trackplan] [photo 1]: curved main line (Franco Piccardo)
  • Sovrappasso SS 63 [trackplan] [photo 1]: curved main line on road overpass (Franco Piccardo)
  • Cascina Barzaniga Vecchia [trackplan] [photo 1]: curved main line near ruined country shack (Mario Vason)
  • Vigneti Cervara sul Poggio [trackplan] [photo 1]: curved main line near hilly vineyard (Mario Vason)

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